Danfoss controller series MCX is used to control all parameters of HVAC&R systems such as chillers with single and multi-circuit chiller. It:

  • Is equipped with one or two internal drives of electrical expansion valve or superheat controller
  • Is programmable for weekly, daily and hourly schedules
  • has alarm system setting
  • Controls condenser fan speed using inverter
  • Controls water flow in evaporator using flow switch
  • Is connectable to Building Management System (BMS) under protocols MOSBOS, CABUS, ETHERNET, and RS485
  • Monitors MMIGRS2 for monitoring and adjusting chiller parameters
  • Is connectable to all Danfoss controllers (series MCX) as well as super heat controllers series EKE
  • Is available in two models: Panel-mounted and wall-mounted


  • 8 different models of units within a range of cooling capacity 10-510 RT.
  • The casing is made of galvanized steel sheets coated by a 200-micron thick PVC layer.
  • Evaporator: flooded Shell & tube.
  • Condenser: Fin & tube coil with coating blue, gold, Heresite or hydrophilic coating and/or microchannel
  • Single or double independent refrigeration circuit
  • environmentally friendly refrigerants R134A and R407C
  • Condenser fan: highly efficient low-noise axial fan.
  • Advanced control system including PLC, inverter .
  • Electrical and mechanical expansion valve .
  • Integrable into BMS under Protocol BAC Net/IP.
eco air cooled chiller

*Capacity rating are based on Standard ARI-550/590 conditions of:

  • 95 °F (35 °C) Ambient Temperature
  • 44 °F (6.7 °C) Leaving Chilled Water Temperature
  • 10 °F (5.5 °C) Inlet/Outlet Water Temperature Difference
  • 0.0001 ft². h.°F /Btu (0.018 m2.°C/kW) Fouling Factor
eco air cooled chiller
eco air cooled chiller 1
eco air cooled chiller 2
eco air cooled chiller 3
eco air cooled chiller 4
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