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  • The access door is equipped with an adjustable polyamide lock and hinge and sealing gasket suitable for negative and positive pressure conditions in accordance with VDI 3803/1-5.1.
  • 40-cm Minimum width of the access door to access and inspect all sections of the unit in accordance with DIN EN 13053-6.2.
  • Fan type: Low-noise forward double-inlet centrifugal or plug type manufactured by Nicotra-Gebhardt with manufacturing standard DIN 19464-6.5.10 and Testing standard AMCA 210.
  • With the fan and motor assembly mounted on a common base with shock absorber and the fan outlet isolated from the casing by a flexible connection and completely separated from moving parts. Moreover, the forward or plug fan may be selected according to the total air pressure drop and volume
  • Fan motor: The motor features IP55 and a type F insulation.
  • Dampers: made of Aluminum airfoil-shaped profile with fibered polypropylene gears, easy installation of the motor in accordance with VDI 3803/1-5.2.9.
  • Cooling and heating coils: tube material is copper and fin material is copper or aluminum. Fin arrangement is a V-waffled louvered enhanced type. The coating can be blue, gold, Heresite or hydrophilic to enhance the resistance against corrosion and humid and acidic environments in accordance with DIN EN 13053-6.4.4.
  • 8 different models of units within a range of cooling capacity 7-60 RT
  • The procedure of design, manufacturing, and providing equipment are in accordance with VDI 6022
  • The unit casing is made up of panels and frame. Panel construction is double skin sandwich panel with 50-mm injected polyurethane foam with density of 40 kg/m in accordance with DIN EN 13053-6.2. In Hygienic models, panel inner skin is made of Stainless steel and in non-hygienic models is made of galvanized steel sheets coated by polyester electrostatic powder.
  • Panel outer skin is made of galvanized steel sheets coated by PVC with 200-micron thickness. The frame is built by PROLAM aluminum profile certified by DIN EN 13779-8.2.The frame inner side surface is curved and smooth to avoid contamination deposition.
  • Construction frame classifications in accordance with EN1886 are :
    • Mechanical strength (-1,000 Pa): D1 (M)
    • Mechanical strength (+1,000 Pa): D1 (M)
    • Casing air leakage (-400 Pa): L1 (M)
    • Casing air leakage (+700 Pa): L1 (M)
    • Thermal transmittance class: T2
    • Thermal bridging class: TB1
    • Filter class: F9
eco package rooftop

eco package rooftop
  • Condenser: microchannel type is 40% smaller, 65% more efficient, and uses 50% less refrigerant than standard tube and fin coil.
  • Filter: Washable metal filter with dust spot efficiency of 20% in accordance with DIN EN 779.
  • Compressor: highly efficient semi-hermetic scroll or Screw type in accordance with EN 60204-1.
  • Single or double independent refrigeration circuit. •
  • environmentally friendly refrigerants R134A and R407C.
  • Condenser fan: highly efficient low-noise axial fan.
  • Advanced control system .
  • Electrical and mechanical expansion valve.
  • Integrable into BMS under Protocol BAC Net/IP.
  • Drain pan: made of painted galvanized steel or stainless-steel sheet.
eco package rooftop

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